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December 2, 2008 11:30 PM

Lakers #1 In RCS NBA Power Ranking Averages

nba%20ranks6.jpgThe RCS NBA Power Ranking Averages combine eight* other sites' power rankings to make the most balanced and unbiased grade possible, and to offer the most accurate look at the state of the NBA on a weekly basis.

The top 3 stay the same for the third straight week in the RCS NBA Power Ranking Averages: Lakers, Celtics, Cavs. Not only were they the top 3 teams, they were a unanimous top 3. The top ten has two new inhabitants this week. The Hornets rose up from 11th to 8th and the Spurs rose from 13th to 9th. Falling out of the top ten are the Suns, who dropped from 6th to 11th, and the Pistons, who dropped from 9th to 12th.

The biggest riser in this weeks rankings are the Trail Blazers, who moved up from 10th into a tie for 4th. Dropping down the rankings the furthest this week are the 76ers, who fell from 14th to 20th.

The Western Conference continues to have a high concentration of teams at the top and bottom of the rankings, leaving the middle of the road for the East. The West has 8 of the top 11 ranked teams, as well as 6 of the bottom 8.

*AOL Sports did not have any rankings for this week at the time of publication.

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