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December 11, 2008 8:00 AM

Pay Homage To Gamblor: Week 15

Joey Porter is defending Plaxico Burress and his decision to carry a handgun (into a crowded club, in his sweatpants). Joey said that Burress has the right to carry a gun for safety. OK, fine, true.

Porter went on to say that "…until you’ve been in a situation where you’ve been robbed…" that you really don’t know what it feels like. Well, Joey, don’t tell me what I know and don’t know. I've been robbed, not at gunpoint, but at knifepoint, so I suppose that allows me the right to comment on the situation.

I personally feel that carrying a gun will in no way make me safer or protect me. Now, I've never been shot; I know Porter has and I won't pretend to understand what that feels like. Maybe I would feel different under those circumstances, but as it is, I don’t expect to be robbed on a frequent enough basis to need a gun to protect me at all times. If you need a gun to protect yourself, maybe it’s time you think about changing your lifestyle. If you are making millions, you don't need to be going places where guns are needed for protection. Nowadays, you shouldn’t need a gun to protect yourself unless you are a cop, or are being attacked by a bear. I certainly know that if I did carry a gun, I would at least be sure to carry a licensed gun. I mean, really, how hard is it to get your gun licensed? (I also know I wouldn't carry my gun around in my sweatpants.)

What many NFL players (and other athletes) don’t seem to understand is the concept of registering your gun. If you feel you need a gun to protect yourself, the least you can do is carry your gun legally. Porter also discussed Sean Taylor in his interview, essentially saying that Sean was not carrying a gun because he was worried about getting in trouble. He was in his house. You can have a licensed gun in your house and it’s legal. IF YOU REGISTER YOUR GUN, IT IS NOT A PROBLEM. Look at Marvin Harrison. His gun was used to shoot someone, yet there he sits, playing NFL games and in no trouble with the law, because his gun was registered.

I don’t know if it’s ignorance or simply ignoring the laws, but if NFL players need to realize that if they want to own or carry guns, they need to register them. Figure out what state you live in and go find out what the gun laws are for that state. If you follow the laws as they are set out, you can still have your gun, but you won’t have to worry about spending years in jail.

Anyway, I’ll step off my soapbox and move onto what I’m best worst at: picking games. The most disappointing thing is the poor performance on the Lock of the Week picks, where last year I was 7-2 over nine weeks; this year, just 7-7.

Last week: 8-8
Season: 94-109-5
Lock of the week: 7-7

Home team in CAPS.

Saints (+3) over BEARS

It’s simple. The Bears have the 28th ranked pass defense.

Packers (-2.5) over JAGUARS

Jacksonville is a solid 1-5 at home and has lost four straight games. In fact, their only win in their last seven games came against the Lions. LOCK OF THE WEEK.

Lions (+17) over COLTS

Three of Detroit’s four quarterbacks are Questionable with injuries. All of them are questionable in terms of talent.

BENGALS (+7) over Redskins

Redskins don’t win games by more than a possession, especially without both starting tackles.

FALCONS (-3) over Buccaneers

It’s the NFC South, the home team wins.

49ers (+6.5) over DOLPHINS

Miami doesn’t often cover spreads when favored. They didn’t cover against the Seahawks, Raiders or Rams, winning those games by 2, 2, and 4, respectively. The 49ers are better than those teams, so I expect them to cover as well.

Seahawks (-3) over RAMS

The Seahawks have been competitive for most of their recent games, which is a lot more than the Rams can say.

JETS (-7.5) over Bills

If the Jets can remember to run the ball with Thomas Jones, they should win this game, and be the favorite to take the tight AFC East race, but it seems that Eric Mangini forgets that too often. Back-to-back losses should help to jog his memory for at least this one game.

Titans (-3) over TEXANS

Over the past few weeks, the Texans have looked like the team that I thought would contend for a playoff spot. Of course, they haven’t been playing any 12-1 teams over that stretch either.

Steelers (+2) over RAVENS

It’s a battle of defenses, and the better defense is from Pittsburgh.

PANTHERS (-7.5) over Broncos

If the Broncos win this game they will have swept the NFC South. A team from arguably the worst division in football sweeping arguably the best division in football doesn’t make any sense. But, then again, little this NFL season makes sense.

CHIEFS (+5.5) over Chargers

The NFL has a lot of head coaches that should be fired. Hey! Here are two of them right here.

CARDINALS (-3) over Vikings

The Vikings may be missing the interior of their D-line, and might be relying on Tavaris Jackson at QB (who actually looked good last week, but that can’t be expected to continue). The Cardinals have beaten everyone they’ve played at home except the Giants, and even with their full lineup, the Vikings are no Giants.

Patriots (-7) over RAIDERS

I just looked it up: I haven’t picked the Raiders to cover one spread this year. No reason to start now.

Giants (+3) over COWBOYS

I don’t see the Giants losing two games in a row, but I will say that I think the Cowboys will beat the Giants if they meet up in the playoffs, in a reversal of last year (but the Cowboys won’t make the playoffs).

EAGLES (-14) over Browns

Eagles fans are going to go crazy after three straight wins (especially if the Cowboys and/or Falcons lose), but fear not everyone who hates Philadelphia fans (aka the rest of the world): Andy Reid will find a way to blow this, most likely by deciding to not run Brian Westbrook for an entire game.

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