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December 9, 2008 11:20 AM

Top 10 Cliches For/Against The BCS


There is no doubt about it. The most controversial three letters in sports are B-C-S. No other sports acronym inspires more discussions, proposals and columns -- or more alternate meanings to the BCS acronym, such as Beyond Common Sense, Bull C*** System or Bogus Champion Selector.

Even the future of the BCS controversy is controversial. Some -- like our next president -- want to solve the controversy. Others -- like Miami Herald columnist Greg Cote -- think the controversy is good for college football. "The annual wintry debate is good, no, great, for the sport," Cote writes. "The constant discussing and arguing and controversy -- even the late-season campaigning and lobbying by involved coaches -- keeps the sport on the national front burner at a time when the NFL's push to the playoffs or the startup of college and pro basketball might otherwise divert the spotlight."

But, although there are many stories written and discussions had about the BCS, there are rarely new ideas in this debate. In fact, if you follow college football long enough, you'll soon start to recognize the same clichés over and over again.

So what are the most frequent BCS clichés? Click through our newest top 10 list to find out.

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