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December 2, 2008 12:05 PM

Top Ten Dumbest Self-Inflicted Injuries


Professional athletes are at major risk every time they step out on the field. They amaze us with their athletic grace and ability to withstand the most brutal hits (just look at Wes Welker). But while it's amazing how most of them brilliantly and regularly manage to avoid injury, it's equally amazing how a few of them have idiotically injured themselves.

There were really too many ridiculous self-inflicted sports injuries that it would be unfair to not include a list of honorable mentions. Athletes love their toys, unfortunately toys of the motorcycle variety can be very dangerous. Kellen Winslow Jr., Ron Gant, Jay Williams, and Ben Roethlisberger were all injured carelessly riding their bikes. A special mention though for Warriors guard Monta Ellis. Ellis was injured this offseason in a ‘low-speed’ moped accident. Is there any moped accident that’s not at low speed?

Sometimes it’s the most benign things that can cause injuries. Sammy Sosa strained his back sneezing, while Brandon Inge strained a stomach muscle after trying to prop a pillow behind his son’s head.

Other times players get injured while exercising. Moises Alou once fell off a treadmill and tore his ACL. Hunter Pence was running when he ran straight into a glass door.

When these players get injured they probably have a lot of time on their hands. What should they do? Adam Eaton might tell them to avoid watching DVDs. Eaton accidentally stabbed himself in the stomach while trying to open the packaging of a DVD.

Those DIDN’T make our list. So you know our Top 10 Dumbest Self-Inflicted Injuries has to be good.

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