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December 9, 2008 4:50 PM

Trouble In Washington

Starting LT Chris Samuels is done for the season with a torn tricep tendon and starting RT Jon Jansen is out for 2-4 weeks with a grade II sprain of the MCL in his left knee. That is bound to cause trouble on an already struggling offensive line. And those aren't the only problems in Washington today.

When you lose 4 of 5 games, you expect some grumbles from a few players, but today on the John Thompson Show, star RB Clinton Portis ripped into head coach Jim Zorn. Portis was unhappy with his benching against the Ravens, which Zorn claimed was due, in part, to a lack of practice time from Portis. Thoughts from CP:

"I haven't missed a meeting, I haven't missed a practice. I'm outside, I hear everything everybody else hears. It kind of shocked me too, but hey that's what the man said. You go back and watch film, I guarantee you won't see me make no mistakes. Maybe he's watching a different film than me."


"I go out there and give it everything I've got. If I can run through the week I'd practice, if I can't then I ain't. And I'm not gonna force myself to go onto a field and do something crazy, and then all of the sudden I'm out. What I need to be around for is Sundays and that's what I try to be around for. So I mean, if you've got a problem with me not practicing and can't do it that way, maybe you feel like you need to sever ties, split ties with me? Split ties with me. But don't sit here and throw me out like I don't pay attention, like I don't know what's going on, like I'm making mistakes, I'm the problem. You know, so, it is what it is, bro."

Portis went on to say that he guarantees he understands the offense better than anyone but the coaches and maybe the QBs. Portis also complained about a lack of communication and his coaches lack of faith in him.

The once bright future of Jim Zorn is suddenly looking dim. Expect Bill Cower to be receiving large suitcases full of money in the mail from Dan Synder in the coming months.

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