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December 12, 2008 1:15 PM

Urban Meyer To Notre Dame...In 2016...Maybe

During an interview on South Florida radio station 560 WQAM, as reported in the Orlando Sentinel, Urban Meyer expressed his interest in coaching at Notre Dame; his exact quote: “[coaching Notre Dame is] still my dream job; that hasn’t changed.”

While this doesn't seem to bode well for Charlie Weis, or for the Gators, Meyer's possible job switch is still years away. Meyer said that due to the intense national recruiting efforts needed at Notre Dame, he wanted to be a good father first, and is not interested in making the move until his kids are all done with high school in Gainesville. Meyer's youngest child is only 10 years old, hypothetically holding him at Florida for eight more years (his current contract runs for five more years).

So, don't worry Irish faithful, you just need to hang on to your overconfident, over-matched, overweight coach for eight more years until you can be competitive again.

H/T: SportsbyBrooks

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