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December 22, 2008 1:45 PM

Was Brady Quinn Sucker Punched By A Teammate? (UPDATED)


Yesterday, Cincinnati downed Cleveland in a battle for the title of Best NFL Team in Ohio (note: title, and both teams, ignored by NFL and anyone not living in Ohio). The Browns started Ken Dorsey at quarterback, who was so ineffective (10-17, 68 yards), that Bruce Gradkowski saw some playing time.

One player who most certainly did not get in was Brady Quinn, but he still managed to find himself the center of some unwanted attention after the game. That "attention," supposedly, was being at the wrong end of teammate Shaun Smith's fury.

It was reported last night by play-by-play radio voice of the Cleveland Browns Jim Donovan, also of WKYC-TV Channel 3, that there is a story circulating in the locker room that defensive lineman Shaun Smith hit quarterback Brady Quinn. It is still unclear if the hit was a sucker punch or with a weight.
A weight?! - good Lord.

Obviously it's still just all rumor at this point, and Brady Quinn has "privately denied" it (although, coming out and saying, "Yes, I was hit in the face...with a weight" doesn't seem like it would help anything), but this story seems to only be getting louder as the day goes on.

UPDATE: When asked about it, head coach Romeo Crennel did not confirm, nor deny, an incident occurred, saying, "If it happened, we're keeping it in house."

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