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January 7, 2009 12:40 PM

Is It Time To Panic In Boston?


Suddenly, the Boston Celtics can't seem to win a game. Is it time to freak out and make rash, reactionary moves like adding Stephon Marbury? Probably not.

Yes, the Celtics are now just 2-5 in their last seven games after last night's overtime loss in Charlotte (yep, those same 13-22 Bobcats), but let's delve deeper, shall we?

For Boston, it was their seventh game in seven different cities in a 13-day span. It featured a four-game Western Conference road trip (that began with the Christmas day loss at Los Angeles).

They're still 29-7 and 11.5 games up in the Atlantic Division (though, they are now second in the East, percentage points behind Cleveland). Probably, the worst part of the past couple weeks for the Celtics is that they've most likely lost their chance at the best record ever (they'd have to finish the season 54-2).

Currently the Celtics are on pace for a 66-16 year, or, the exact same record as last season. Another reason for Sully to slowly step away from the ledge: Boston is still getting it done on defense. In last year's championship season, the Celtics allowed 90.3 points per game. This year? - 90.8. (And for those who want to say their defense is struggling lately: opponents are still scoring just 91.7 points in the past seven games.)

So what have we all learned from all this? Just that the Celtics are an old team that's probably tired and definitely in a tough stretch of games. Reserve all that panic for when they're down 3-1 to the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals in May.

Photo: (Getty Images Photo / Lisa Blumenfeld)

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