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January 19, 2009 11:15 AM

Larry Fitzgerald Best Player Since Video Bo Jackson?

Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post wrote today that he hasn't seen the kind of dominance Larry Fitzgerald has shown during the Cardinals’ playoff run since the days of Tecmo Bowl and Bo Jackson.

[Bo] could gain 900 yards in a game. He could run out entire quarters by himself. He was so much better than anyone else in the Tecmo Bowl universe, it wasn't funny. And sometimes, looking back, you have to remind yourself that Tecmo Bo was the result of a very clever computer programmer.

Larry Fitzgerald, however, is real.

Fitzgerald has been amazing throughout the postseason and particularly so yesterday, but he can still never do this.

Now maybe Fitzgerald can never run out an entire quarter himself on a 99 yard TD, but the mere fact that he can be realistically compared to the most dominate force in sports video game history is impressive in itself. This postseason Fitzgerald has been better than outstanding, as Vaccaro puts it:
To say he was the best player on the field is to diminish what he really looked like: the best player on Planet Earth. Crazy good. Freaky good.

Tecmo Bo good.

The question for the Cardinals is, can 'Tecmo Larry' do it one more time?

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