RCS Sidelines

January 5, 2009 3:45 PM

Most Under-Told Stories of 2008


The end of each year yields countless reflections and ruminations of the previous twelve months. It’s a time to reflect; remember the good and bad time; and to comprise lists of the year’s top stories: best comebacks, best teams, most amazing plays, and even the most erroneous columns.

But in this current age of 24-hour sports coverage, the networks, newspapers and blogs are constantly looking for the next big story, often moving past the current one far too quickly. Despite this seemingly limitless supply of sports programming and writing, stories still manage to slip through the cracks (we can probably blame the over-coverage of Brett Favre for this).

Those stories, skipped-over and under-told, quickly become forgotten. Today, they are remembered, as we present the Most Under-Told Stories of 2008.

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