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February 27, 2009 12:20 PM

10 Questions With Kevin Blackistone

RealClearSports recently interviewed Kevin Blackistone, sports opinionist for AOL FanHouse and regular panelist on ESPN's Around The Horn. Before moving to AOL, he was a reporter and columnist for the Dallas Morning News for 20 years, and he's currently a professor of Sports Journalism at the University of Maryland.

  1. What's more enjoyable, teaching or Around The Horn?
  2. How refreshing is Tiger Woods?
  3. Do you think A-Rod took steroids before 2001?
  4. Is it difficult to discuss steroids rationally?
  5. Will baseball shorten its season?
  6. How will sports media function without newspapers?
  7. How should sports awards voting procedures change?
  8. Now that you're at FanHouse, are you a blogger or columnist?
  9. Was the outrage over the NY Post cartoon justified?
  10. What's the silliest thing one of your students has done to get a better grade?

Full Transcript of the RCS-Blackistone Interview

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