RCS Sidelines

February 19, 2009 12:15 PM

Turn Back the Clock Night (or WNBA Night) in Champaign

To those who did not catch this barn-burner on TV last night, Penn State lit up the scoreboard, laying a massive 38 point explosion all over Illinois. The Illini tried to match Penn State’s offensive firepower, but ended up just short, with a still impressive 33 points.

How are these scores even possible with a shot clock you ask? Well, Penn St. shot a paltry 28.3% from the field, and Illinois was only slightly better, at 30%, but impressively did not make it to the free throw line one time.

Rumor has it this was the lowest scoring basketball game since the number 50 was discovered. It is still unclear if these guys snuck into the locker room and forced their way onto the court as replacement players.


And yes, Illinois came into this game the 16th ranked team in the country. Illini fans, please resist the urge to stab your eyes out with a branding iron.

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