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March 26, 2009 11:40 AM

Calhoun Does His Best to Appear Curmudgeonly and Distrusting

In response to the six-month investigative report by Adrian Wojnarowski and Dan Wetzel of Yahoo!, Jim Calhoun had some rather dismissive (and odd) comments.

It was a newspaper story that ... it wasn’t a newspaper, I’m sorry. It was a blog story that appeared, I guess, in something I probably can’t get a hold of, which is Yahoo! And very simply my comments are what I said.
OK, Jim, where to start?

Yahoo! Sports is not a blog. Far from it: it is a reputable journalistic source that did SIX MONTHS of research before reporting this story. Calhoun seems to be implying the facts are false, and that Wojnarowski and Wetzel did not do their homework. Secondly, he indicated that Yahoo! is something he "can't get a hold of," which makes about as much sense as this guy.

Jim, it's on the internet, you can get a hold of it. In fact, Yahoo! Sports is one of the biggest sports sites out there, competing with ESPN for #1 (and Yahoo! is the second biggest website overall). According to quantcast, Yahoo! Sports reaches roughly 8.8 million people monthly. Maybe you don't have a computer? Use some of your $1.6 million salary to purchase one, or at least tell an assistant to print you a copy so you can read it on paper, maybe it will seem more real then, because let me tell you, it is very real.

No word on if Calhoun went on to say, "If the president doesn't report it on his radio Fireside Chats, it's not real news."

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