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March 30, 2009 1:25 PM

Canucks and Blackhawks Settle Their Differences With High-Minded Debate

Just kidding. They got into a huge fight.

There are many reasons I could never play hockey. A general lack of overall athleticism is one. Never learning how to actually stop while on ice skates is another (the few times I've been ice skating, it's been "skate-skate-skate, can't stop, crash into boards"; repeat that four times, and that was me going around the rink).

The third, and perhaps most pertinent reason I stuck with baseball and football growing up (the playing surfaces are not nearly as slippery) is all the fighting. Unless I was good enough for my team to appoint me an enforcer, I just don't think I could hack it out there. I don't think I'm scared of it, per say, but it's tough to say for sure, since I've never actually been in a fight. So who knows how I would react if I ever found myself in the situation that occurred Sunday night in the Canucks-Blackhawks game.

In the end, there was a total of 12 penalties, including six 10-minute misconducts. One last note, to Alex Burrows: hair-pulling? Really?

H/T: Puck Daddy

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