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March 31, 2009 5:30 PM

Golf Gets EXTREME With 907-Yard Par-3

Basketball added trampolines and created something called Slamball (aka "The Sport Constantly 3-Seconds Away From a Horrific Knee Injury"). Jumping out of planes was apparently too easy, so they added wingsuits. Skiing and BASE jumping merged together to form a new way to defy death sport. Heck, even ironing went EXTREME.

So it was only a matter of time until someone asked, "Hey, why are we being all boring and playing golf normally? Why aren't we teeing-off from the side of a mountain?" And so it was done.

Yes, that’s a real hole: it’s the “Extreme 19th Hole” at the Legend Golf and Safari Resort in South Africa, a par-3 with a tee box some 1,410 feet up on Hanglip Mountain and accessible only by helicopter. Padraig Harrington (the one in white; Raphaël Jacquelin is the other golfer taking part in the playoff) became the first-ever golfer to make par.

Get to practicing: a hole-in-one on the 907-yard par-3 earns you $1 million.

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