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March 17, 2009 2:15 PM

Memphis Is Not Too Pleased With the 2-Seed

Michigan earned a 10-seed in the South Region. Celebrate! Maryland snuck in with the 10-seed in the West. Progress! Arizona (surprisingly) got the 12-seed in the Midwest. Everyone's happy! Memphis was tabbed as the 2-seed in the West. Crickets.

The cameras zoomed in and the players tried to look excited and some things you just can't fake ...

The Tigers reacted as if the committee had made them clean up its trash.

"Act excited, everybody go, 'Yea!'" said Memphis coach John Calipari, during the commercial break, after the four No. 1 seeds had been handed out to teams other than his own.

Let the record show: Everybody did not go "Yea!"

They slouched lower in their chairs and their couches. They soaked in the unmistakable insult.

If you're still filling out your bracket, it may be important to note that Memphis is feeling insulted. And they're none too happy about it.
CBS showed the Cal State Northridge team, which Memphis will play Thursday in Kansas City, celebrating its invitation to the big tournament.

"I wouldn't even clap if I were them," said Memphis freshman Wesley Witherspoon.

Because the Tigers are ticked off now. Pay no mind to the we-respect-the-committee's-decision talk that you may hear.

Note the silence, instead. The silence in Calipari's living room when the four No. 1 seeds were unveiled.

"We're not so excited," said Calipari, looking around the room. Not so excited. Also, ticked off.

Poor Cal State Northridge Matadors, the sacrificial lamb of the first round.

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