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March 9, 2009 10:35 AM

Terrell Owens' First Chance at Drama in Buffalo

There are many people that could potentially benefit greatly from the addition of Terrell Owens to the Buffalo Bills.

Owens could help free up Lee Evans, who has been constantly double-teamed as the only wide-receiver threat in Buffalo. Trent Edwards now has a second target, one that has caught more touchdowns in the past three years than all the Bills wideouts combined. It could even possibly save Dick Jauron’s job. But the person who it immediately benefits the most is WR James Hardy.

Hardy was the Bills second draft pick last year, and is built similarly to Owens. Hardy isn’t quite the physical specimen T.O. is, but their measurables are pretty similar. Owens is 6’3 and weighs 218 pounds. Hardy is 6’5 and weighs 212 pounds. Owens could help mentor Hardy who struggled in his first season.

But it’s farfetched to believe Owens will take the young wide receiver under his wing. It’s much more likely that Owens will bring out the character issues that caused Hardy to slip into the 2nd round of the Draft. Also, Hardy will still be recovering from ACL surgery that he underwent at the beginning of this year. So, how will Hardy benefit? He wears Owens’ number.

How much will Owens pay to keep the same number he has worn for 13 years? Or will Hardy give up the number as a gesture of goodwill? Given the way most people feel about T.O., I'm sure they're hoping Hardy holds out for as much money as he can. Already Owens has a chance to stir up drama in Buffalo. Get ready for a fun season!

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