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March 25, 2009 11:50 AM

This Might be UConn's Last NCAA Tournament for a While

News broke today from Yahoo! Sports that UConn committed major violations in the recruiting process of former guard Nate Miles. Adrian Wojnarowski and Dan Wetzel report a six month investigation has found evidence that from 2006 to 2008 a professional sports agent and former UConn student manager, Josh Nochimson, provided Miles with lodging, meals, and transportation. Why is this a problem for UConn?

As a representative of UConn’s athletic interests, NCAA rules barred Nochimson from having contact with Miles or from providing him with anything of value.
To make matters worse, former UConn assistant Tom Moore was the one who made Nochimson aware of Miles, and also knew of their frequent communications. UConn remained in contact with Nochimson throughout the recruitment of Miles:
Five different UConn coaches traded at least 1,565 phone and text communications with Nochimson, including 16 from head coach Jim Calhoun.
And it keeps getting worse:
UConn may have committed major recruiting violations by exceeding NCAA limits on phone calls to Miles and those closest to him, records show. The NCAA allows a single phone call per month to a prospect or his family in a player’s junior year of high school. That limit was exceeded over several months from late 2006 into 2007. In December of 2006, for instance, former UConn assistant coach Tom Moore made 27 calls to Miles’ guardian and a person Miles referred to as an uncle. He made three calls to Miles.
If you're keeping track, that's 30-times the amount of calls that were allowed to be made, more than a small oversight. If you haven't heard of Miles, it's not because he is buried on UConn's bench, but because he was expelled in October 2008 for violating a restraining order (Miles is now at the College of Southern Idaho).

It's unknown what exactly the punishments will be if these violations are proven true, but things aren't looking good for the Huskies.

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