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March 31, 2009 10:20 AM

Top 10 Biggest Fools in Sports

This week welcomes the celebration of April Fool’s Day, a day with an origin as difficult to trace as Greg Oden’s age.  Some say it celebrates the start of the Gregorian Calendar, with an “April Fool” being someone who still followed the then outdated Julian Calendar; others believe it was a term saved for those who celebrated summer early (it was May 1 in pre-Christian cultures); even more think it was born in the times of Noah and his ark, marking the day when he sent the raven too early, before the waters had receded. 

But everyone agrees that it’s probably the only day of the year in which it is acceptable to put a whoopee cushion on your boss’ chair.

Whether it’s moving your freshman-year roommates’ furniture into the courtyard of the dorm, putting a buddy’s entire wardrobe into the freezer during a trip to the beach, the story of Sidd Finch, or the perfectly-timed whoopee cushion, there is no shortage of ways for someone to show-off their inner class-clown.  And the sports world is no exception.

From Peyton Manning throwing Jay Cutler into a pool, to Shaquille O’Neal’s self-appointed nicknames (“The Big Barishnikov”), to Gilbert Arenas hiding teammates’ jerseys before games, to Alexander Ovechkin’s goal celebrations, there is no shortage of jokesters and pranksters in sports.  But who’s the biggest?  We present the Top 10 Biggest Fools in Sports

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