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March 11, 2009 11:45 AM

What to Watch: Wednesday

12pm - ESPN - Big East Tournament: Providence vs. DePaul - DePaul is looking for it's first winning streak in the Big East all season (one in a row isn't really a streak, now is it?).

2:30pm - ESPN - Big East Tournament: #21 Marquette vs. St. John's - Marquette looks to end a four-game losing streak and repair their tournament resume.

3:30pm - ESPN2 - UEFA Champions League: Inter Milan vs. Manchester - Here's a little preview.

5:30pm - ESPN2 - WBC: Puerto Rico vs. Netherlands - If the Dutch beat the Puerto Ricans, is it really an upset anymore?

6pm - ESPN2 - UEFA Champions League: Lyons vs. Barcelona - Preview.

6:30pm – MLB Network - WBC: Venezuela vs. United States - This game determines the winner of Pool C, and is important for seeding in the next round.

7pm - ESPN - Big East Tournament: West Virginia vs. Notre Dame - Notre Dame can get back in the picture with a win against West Virginia and then a win against Pitt.

8:00pm – MLB Network - WBC: Mexico vs. Australia - Winner plays Cuba tomorrow, loser goes home.

8:30pm - ESPN2 - Northeast Conference championship: Mount St. Mary's vs. Robert Morris - How can you not root for Robert Morris? He's playing five against one. It's amazing he has won any games this year. He really gets overlooked for Player of the Year. How long you think I can run with this gag? I think that was long enough.

9:30pm - ESPN - Big East Tournament: #18 Syracuse vs. Seton Hall - Syracuse pounded Seton Hall earlier in the year. 100-76.

Non-sports pick - 8pm - Travel Channel - Sandwich Paradise - "Amazing sandwiches from around the United States"- Hopefully some of these will be on this show.

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