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March 13, 2009 3:55 PM

What to Watch: Weekend Edition


4:45pm - ESPN2 - Patriot League Championship: Holy Cross @ American - Religion vs. America. Who ya got?

7pm - ESPN - Big East Tournament: Louisville vs. Villanova - Louisville is hoping for a one-seed.

9pm - ESPN - Big East Tournament: West Virginia vs. Syracuse - How can Syracuse possibly compete after last night's marathon?

9pm - ESPN2 - Mountain West Tournament: New Mexico State vs. Utah - Even if Utah wins the WAC they aren't the champs.

9:30pm - ESPN2 - ACC Tournament: #9 Duke vs. Boston College - As much as you might root for the upset, don't you want to see another Duke/UNC game?

12am - ESPN2 - WAC Tournament: Nevada vs. Louisiana Tech - Nevada has a chance of winning the WAC and if they do they would steal an at-large bid because WAC leader Utah State would get an at-large bid.

Non-sports pick - NBC - 9pm - Friday Night Lights - It's sounding like it will be picked up for TWO MORE SEASONS! I had already made my peace thinking it was done and now I get this news.


11am - ESPN2 - America East Conference championship: UMBC @ Binghamton - Kornheiser pull some strings to get this on TV?

Since I don't know who's going to be in these games, you get no insight:

11:30am - CBS - Conference USA championship

1:30pm - ESPN - ACC semis

1pm - ESPN2 - Southeastern Conference semis

1:30pm - CBS - Big Ten semis

2pm - NBC - PGA: WGC Championship, Third Round - Wait, this isn't college basketball!

3pm - ESPN2 - SEC semis

3:30pm - ESPN - ACC semis

4pm - CBS - Big Ten semis

6pm - CBS - Pac-10 championship

6pm - ESPN - Big 12 championship

6pm - ESPN2 - Atlantic 10 championship

7pm - Versus - Mountain West championship

8pm - ESPN2 - Mid-American championship

9pm - ESPN - Big East championship

10pm - ESPN2 - WAC championship

12am - ESPN2 - Big West championship

Non-sports pick - NBC - 11:35pm - Saturday Night Live - If you can't get enough of Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock watch him perform in a sketch comedy show at 30 head hurts.


12:30pm - NBC - Flyers @ Rangers - Both are fighting for playoff positioning in the tight Eastern conference.

1pm - CBS - SEC championship

1pm - ESPN - ACC championship

1pm - ESPN2 - Southland championship

3pm - NBC - PGA: WGC Championship, Final round - Has Tiger returned?

3:30pm - CBS - Big Ten championship

3:30pm - ABC - Mavericks @ Lakers - A possible first round of playoffs preview.

6pm - CBS - Selection Show - Get ready to fill out your brackets! (And join our pool!)

9pm - ESPN - Suns @ Warriors - Expect a high-scoring affair. The Suns are 3rd in the league in points per game and the Warriors are 2nd.

Non-sports pick - 8pm - NBC - Kings - Can't really tell if it's any good from the previews but it might be worth a look.

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