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March 20, 2009 12:25 PM

What to Watch: Weekend Edition

I'm leaving off all NCAA Tournament stuff - it's on pretty much all the time. Check your local listings for the game you're getting or get with the technological age and watch it online.

Basically, no other sports are going on Friday of the first weekend of the Tournament.

Non-sports pick - SciFi Channel - 9pm - Battlestar Galactica - It's the final episode. So this is more a reminder to check the show out sometime. It wouldn't really make sense for you to watch the final episode if you haven't seen any of the rest of the series. I'm going to stop typing now.


11am - ESPN - NIT: Baylor @ Virginia Tech - In case you really can't wait until 1pm for the real thing.

12pm, 2pm, 8pm & 10pm - ESPN2 - First round of the women's tournament

3pm - NBC - PGA: Transitions Championship, third round - If the NCAA Tournament is a little too much excitement, you can watch some golf.

9pm - ESPN - WBC Semifinal: Venezuela vs. Korea - The pitching matchup will most likely be Hyunjin Ryu vs. Carlos Silva. I assume I don't have to tell you who pitches for which country.

Non-sports pick - 9pm - SciFi Channel - 9pm - I Am Omega - I hear it's a better version of I Am Legend.


12:30pm - NBC – NHL: Flyers @ Penguins - These two teams are tied for fourth in the East. The winner has the edge for home-ice in that first round.

1pm - ABC – NBA: Heat @ Pistons - If you haven't been watching Dwyane Wade, you should.

3pm - NBC - PGA: Transitions Championship, Final Round - Follow along with the leaderboard.

8pm - ESPN - WBC: United States vs. Japan - Japan will throw Daisuke Matsuzaka against Jake Peavy.

Non-sports pick - 8pm - Fox - The Simpsons - They go to Ireland. Is there any country they haven't gone to at this point?

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