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March 27, 2009 12:45 PM

What to Watch: Weekend Edition


5:30pm ET - ESPN2 - NCAA Hockey: #3 Denver vs. Miami (OH) - It's the first round of the NCAA Tournament, and what will eventually be the Frozen Four.

7:30pm - CBS – NCAA Tournament: #12 Arizona vs. #1 Louisville (7:07pm)/#3 Syracuse vs. #2 Oklahoma (7:27pm) - Arizona relies so heavily on their top three players that fatigue could be a factor. Louisville will look to wear them down with constant pressure that might not pay off until the second half. Most people will see Syracuse/Oklahoma game. Can Syracuse's 2-3 zone befuddle another foe or will Blake Griffin be too much for them to handle?

9:30pm - CBS – NCAA Tournament: #3Kansas vs. #2 Michigan State (9:37pm)/#4 Gonzaga vs. #1 UNC (9:57pm) - Michigan State beat Kansas by 13 in January, but the Jayhawks think they've improved enough to win this time around. Gonzaga might be out of the mid-major shadow now, but they are still big underdogs tonight against the Tar Heels.

Non-sports pick - 12:30am - NBC - Jimmy Fallon Live - If the show wasn't a train wreck enough...welcome Andy Dick!


12pm - ESPN2 – NCAA Lacrosse: #9 Maryland @ #1 Virginia - It seems like there are so few college lacrosse teams that the difference between #1 and #9 is pretty huge. Basically, this would be a big upset if the Terps were to win.

12pm/2pm/9pm - ESPN - Women's NCAA Tournament - The women start their Sweet 16 weekend where the bracket is slightly less chalky than the men’s.

1pm - CBS - NCAA Div II Championship: Cal Poly Pomona vs. Findlay - Findlay better be careful of Cal Poly's dominant post presence. They might need to double in the post and hope the guards can't find their shot...yeah, I know nothing about either of these teams.

2pm - ESPN2 - NCAA Hockey: North Dakota vs. New Hampshire - The winner of this game plays the winner of BU/Ohio St.

2:30pm - NBC - PGA: Arnold Palmer Invitational, 3rd Rd. - Follow the leaderboard.

4:30pm - CBS – NCAA Tournament: #3 Missouri vs. #1 Connecticut - I don't think Missouri will be able to drop 102 points on UConn like they did against Memphis.

5:30pm - ESPN2 - NCAA Hockey: Boston University vs. Ohio State - See 2pm.

7pm - CBS – NCAA Tournament: #3 Villanova vs. #1 Pittsburgh - Villanova won their regular season match largely because DeJaun Blair got in foul trouble. Look for Villanova to go after him again.

9pm - ESPN2 - World Cup Qualifying: USA vs. El Salvador - Read about it here.

Non-sports pick - 10pm - FX - Transporter 2 - Make sure you've seen the first Transporter though. Otherwise you might be completely lost.

See - like right there. Who's that guy he's beating up? Man, I'm completely lost already. There's no way I can enjoy this fight scene now...


12pm/2:30/7:30/9:30 - ESPN2 - Women's Tournament - Check out the bracket and then pencil in (ed. note: permanent-marker in) Connecticut.

1pm - ABC – NBA: Mavericks @ Cavaliers - The Cavs are looking to stay on top of the Lakers for the best record in the league. The Mavs would like to improve their playoff positioning to avoid the Lakers in the first round. Or do they??

2pm/4:30pm - NCAA Tournament - Who's moving on to the Final Four?

2:30pm - PGA: Arnold Palmer Invitational, Final Rd - The dude has a drink named after him AND his own PGA event. That's pretty awesome. But while lemonade and iced tea is delicious, it's kinda weak to have THAT be the drink that's named after you.

8pm - ESPN – NBA: Spurs @ Hornets - The 2-8 seeds in the West are all clustered together. With just about 10 games left, each one is very critical.

Non-sports pick - 7pm - CBS - 60 Minutes - Not exactly a non-sports pick, but I wanna see LeBron do this again:

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