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March 18, 2009 3:50 PM

Win Our Pool, Tell Us What To Write

If you haven't joined the RealClearSports Tournament Challenge yet (what are you waiting for??), good news: it's not too late. And even better news: there's a prize involved now!

Join now, pick your winners (c'mon Mocs!) and if you win, you decide what we write about. You give us the topic (anything, just keep it appropriate), and we'll all take our crack at it. Best sporting event we've been to? Favorite team? What's the best cracker ever made? All fair game. If you're feeling extra ambitious and want to write your own column, we'll take that too.

So hurry up and join, and start thinking of what you want us to write about. And maybe we'll get you some RCS gear we have lying around, too.

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