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April 24, 2009 3:30 PM

11 Questions With Chuck Todd

RealClearSports recently interviewed Chuck Todd, Chief White House Correspondent and Political Director for NBC. Formerly, Todd served as the editor-in-chief of National Journal's The Hotline.

  1. Did Sports Media Prepare You for a Career in Political Media?
  2. What Does Do Better Than Most News Sites?
  3. How much of the Political Media Innovation is Driven by Sports Media?
  4. Are You Still Tempted to Write a Sports Column?
  5. Should Players Campaign for the Hall of Fame?
  6. Is Political Intervention Helping Sports?
  7. How Will the Recession Affect Sports?
  8. Will Legalized Sports Betting Spread through More States?
  9. Which Sports Writers do You Read and Admire?
  10. What Makes a Good Sports Analogy Universal?
  11. Would You Play Obama, One-on-One?

Full Transcript of RCS-Chuck Todd Interview


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