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April 20, 2009 5:20 PM

Detroit Lions Release New Logo

The Detroit Lions officially released their new logo today (yes, because that was the problem):


Since it's Detroit, and everything is miserable, the renovated lion is being met with less-than-flattering reviews. Example: Drew Sharp in the Free Press:
The new Lions' logo isn't really new. It remains the infamous leaping lion, but there's more defined muscular definition. They wanted a fiercer looking brand, giving the silhouette eyes and a roaring mouth.

He looks like he's suffering from roid rage.

There are two slashes at his neck, attempting to distinguish an actual lion's head. But it more closely resembles Bubbles attempting to slash its own throat when he saw his new appearance in the mirror.

The Lions failed once again. If you're going to change the logo, then change it. Don't simply alter it in an attempt to spur stagnant merchandising sales.

Wait - the name of the lion is "Bubbles"? Who knew.

Here at RealClearSports, we're really just sad none of our suggestions were selected as the new logo.

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Photo: Mandi Wrightt/Freep

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