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April 14, 2009 1:00 PM

Florida International Decides Only Way to Make News is Hire an Embarrassment

That embarrassment - Isiah Thomas.

Florida International, of the powerful Sun Belt conference, just came off of a 13-20 season and has had five straight losing seasons under coach Sergio Rouco, so it was time for a change. But a change to Isiah Thomas? The same Isiah Thomas who helped cause the CBA to fold? The same Isiah Thomas who got fired by the Indiana Pacers for not being able to get the most talented team in the East over the hump or out of the first round? The same Isiah Thomas who ran the Knicks into the ground from the front office and as coach, AND sexually harassed employees?

Yes, the same Isiah Thomas with that resume has been hired as the new head coach at Florida International.


Good idea, FIU. A great place for a guy who is known for sexual harassment and overpaying under-talented basketball players is a college. I'm sure this will work out great. At least Thomas will be joining other coaches operating on second chances in the Sun Belt. Florida Atlantic hired former St. John's coach Mike Jarvis, and Arkansas State hired former LSU coach John Brady.

Hey, fourth times a charm.

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