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April 24, 2009 1:00 AM

Greg Paulus Isn't Too Good for Syracuse (This Time)

ESPN is reporting that former Duke basketball player Greg Paulus will go to Syracuse for grad school and play football. Paulus has one year of eligibility left if he plays a sport other than basketball. Paulus, who lived in a neighboring town of Syracuse, was recruited by the Orange to play both basketball and football.

There were rumors floating around that Paulus might go to Michigan, a move that Sporting News wrote was a really bad sign for the Wolverines. Accepting a QB who's only going to be there for one year -- What a mistake, right? But for Syracuse, it's a no-brainer!

Now, as your average fan, I hate Duke. And Paulus is just about number one on that hate list. BUT I’m a Syracuse alumnus. So what do I do?

Well, being that I’m very spiteful, I still haven’t forgiven Paulus for spurning the Orange and relegating the football team to four horrible years without anything resembling a quarterback. Here’s hoping what he's known for in basketball happens to him in football (get ready for a horrible Photoshop job!):

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