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April 29, 2009 4:00 PM

Hard Knocks To Feature Cincinnati Bengals

HBO's Hard Knocks is a mini-documentary that follows an NFL team through training camp. It offers amazing access to the behind-the-scenes operations and off-the-field lives of players and their families. It has always been riveting and dramatic (except for that one with the Kansas City Chiefs -- that was kinda boring), and now, it will feature a special bit of crazy: the new season of Hard Knocks will follow the Cincinnati Bengals.

Yes, the same Bengals team that has a roster with the likes of Cedric Benson, Chris Henry, Chad Ochocinco, Tank Johnson ("This Is Why He's Not Known As 'Feelings' Johnson"), The Brothers Palmer (Carson and Jordan), plus rookies Andre Smith and Rey Maualuga thought it a good idea to invite a camera crew into their camp this summer. There is no way this ends well.

Poor, poor Marvin Lewis.

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