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April 2, 2009 11:45 AM

He's a (7 ft. Former NBA) Pinball Wizard

Todd MacCulloch played center for multiple seasons in the NBA, including two trips to the NBA finals, before being driven into early retirement by a neuromuscular disorder that affects his feet. Forced out the NBA, MacCulloch followed his other passion, pinball:

He is a full-blown pinball addict, and has been for most of his life. While MacCulloch's buddies were doing laps with the girls of their teenage dreams at Saints Roller Rink in Winnipeg in the mid-1980s, MacCulloch was the guy in the corner pumping nickels and dimes into a pinball machine.
Soon after his retirement, MacCulloch found out about competitive pinball leagues. Now the 156th ranked pinballer in the world, Todd now tours the pinball circuit, which needless to say, has a different set of people than an NBA locker room.
"It is a little different scene than a common NBA gathering," MacCulloch says. "You see a lot of glasses and T-shirts. You don't see a lot of tattoos. While the athletes were playing sports, the gaming crowd was at the arcades, playing games."
I'm glad MacCulloch was able to find something he enjoys after being forced out of basketball before he should have been. This obviously opens up the possibilities for other former NBA players to continue their competitive endeavors.

Greg Ostertag, take a look at professional monopoly.

Shawn Bradley, perhaps jacks is the game for you.

Bryant Reeves, you can become a full-time LARPer.

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