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April 23, 2009 2:00 PM

How Many Sacks Did Jason Peters Allow Last Year?

Many people think that with the decline of newspapers there will be less solid reporting (with people turning to the lowly blogs and message boards). Reporters who have real access to the athletes will always be needed, but motivated fans can do some really impressive things. In fact, because they usually don’t have a deadline and can focus on whatever interests them, sometimes they produce some interesting posts that the mainstream media probably wouldn’t have produced.

On April 17th, the Bills traded Pro Bowl LT Jason Peters to the Philadelphia Eagles. Peters had been upset with his contract for quite some time. Last year, he sat out all of training camp and the preseason games before joining the Bills during the regular season. Peters play suffered, but despite his relatively poor performance, he made the Pro Bowl for the second consecutive season. In all of the talk about who got the better of this deal, a stat has been floating around that Peters allowed 11.5 sacks last season.

Here’s where a poster by the name DKTurtle on the Buffalo Bills official message boards did some amazing work. He posted links he had cut to all the sacks that came from the left side of the line. His breakdown concluded that five were definitely not Peters’ fault, five are clearly his bad, and eight were debatable (though he would only assign one of these to Peters). You can watch the videos and decide for yourself. Now that’s some reporting I doubt I will see on even the NFL Network.

H/T: The700Level

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