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April 6, 2009 9:30 AM

It's Opening Day


And that's the best day of all.

While I love the beginning of the NFL season and the first couple days of the NCAA Tournament, they're fleeting, and are seemingly gone as quickly as they arrived. There's something truly special about baseball's Opening Day. It comes in just as trees are budding and flowers are blooming, for many, signifying the unofficial start to spring. For one day at least, every team still has a chance. Hopes, dreams, possibilities - they all seem endless, both on and off the field (well, save for the Pirates, of course).

It's a day when every man, no matter how old, can act like a boy, creating excuses to skip out on work (or school), put on his favorite team's cap, buy a hot dog and bask in the sun of an afternoon game as baseball begins anew. Perhaps Jeff Neuman said it best:

True to its northern roots, the baseball season begins with a vernal awakening in concert with the green buds that dot the trees, thrives in the ripening heat of summer, and culminates in a blaze of autumnal glory before hunkering down for the chilly winter.
Technically, spring began March 20th. For me, it begins today, at 2:05p.m. EST, on a patch of grass in Boston.

UPDATE: I guess I have to wait until 4:05p.m. tomorrow. Stupid rain.

Photo via Boston Globe

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