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April 24, 2009 11:00 AM

Jason Campbell Wants Trade if Redskins Draft Sanchez

And honestly, at this point who can blame the guy. Campbell has done nothing but improve in each of his three seasons as the starter in Washington.


Those look like improving stats to me, but what do I know -- Dan Synder is the football genius, not me. On top of that, Campbell has had to deal with constantly changing systems (who knows, he might actually improve more in a second season with a system that works for him), and already once before had to deal with a public pursuit of his replacement, when the Skins went after Jay Cutler earlier this year.

Campbell stayed cool and composed when the team tried to snatch the rug out from under him, but now The Danny has his heart set on drafting USC QB Mark Sanchez. If this happens, Campbell is going to request a trade.

Is it possible Synder is trying to sabotage second-year coach Jim Zorn, ensuring he fails this year so that Synder can throw obscene amounts of money at Bill Cower next offseason? Sure, I'd believe it. It's also possible that Synder is constantly looking for a quick fix and doesn't understand the concept of building a team over time.

Warning to Sanchez: You will probably be given two years to try to prove yourself, and then Synder will wet himself with excitement when Jamarcus Russell or Aaron Rodgers becomes available.

Michael Wilbon writes in the Post today about how the Redskins manage their team like it is fantasy football. That's only half of it. Synder and his cronies manage the Redskins like the worst fantasy football owner in your league, only going after big, shinny names, leaving talented hard workers out of the picture.

If I sound bitter, it's because I've watched this man (Snyder) take a perfectly good playoff team and decide that it needed the fix of bringing in Jeff George, Bruce Smith, and Deion Sanders. I saw him fire a coach that finished the season 8-3 and was getting the team to buy into his way of football and replace him with surefire bust, Steve Spurrier. If there was high-priced talent, Snyder bought it. If we had under valued talent on the team (Antonio Pierce) he let it walk away. It's a surprise to me Snyder hasn't traded all the rides at Six Flags for old, over-the-hill rides he liked when he was a kid.

Redskins season tickets should come with a free angioplasty and defibrillators.

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