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April 23, 2009 11:30 AM

Jeremy Tyler to Forego Senior Season for Europe

tyler.jpgLast year, Brandon Jennings made waves by deciding to skip college and go play one year of pro ball in Europe. Jennings’ stay in Europe has not been quite how he envisioned it; he even sent out what amounts to a warning letter to other ballers in the states thinking of making a similar move.

That notice apparently worked in the high school class of 2009, as no one plans to follow in Jennings’ footsteps. But in the class of 2010, Jeremy Tyler pays no heed to this advice. In fact, Tyler is even one-upping Jennings with plans to forego his senior year of high school to play in Europe. Tyler ( rank #7, Rivals #9, ESPNU #7) is a 6’11” 250 lb center who had previously committed to play at Louisville after high school. From the New York Times:

“If you’re really focused on getting better, you go play pro somewhere. Pro guys will get you way better than playing against college guys.”
Because he is only 17 Tyler will have to spend two seasons in Europe before he is eligible for the 2011 NBA draft. If he is successful in Europe, there is no telling what this will mean for high school players across the country. Will this open a floodgates of players leaving high school early to head to Europe, making it a training ground for young basketball talent, much like they already are for soccer? Only time will tell.

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