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April 6, 2009 2:35 PM

Most Disappointing Opening Day Ever?


It's Opening Day, full of sunshine and baseball. Except, not.

The Royals-White Sox game was postponed yesterday because of impending weather (temperature's in the 30's, with a chance of snow).

Rays-Red Sox was postponed until tomorrow at 4:05p.m. due to a rainy day in Boston (and winds upwards of 30 mph).

The Mets-Reds are playing right now, despite freezing temperatures, and the rain/snow mix makes it look like the game could be delayed at any moment.

In St. Louis, site of the Cardinals home opener today at 4:15p.m., there's currently a 70% chance of rain with 30 mph wind gusts in the forecast, not to mention a freeze warning in effect beginning at 7p.m. And there's a 70% chance of rain in Baltimore (might have to wait a day to see CC Sabathia in pinstripes, Yankees fans).

Think it's bad now? Just wait until Minnesota gets their open-air stadium next season.

Sure is great that four of the California teams are playing each other today.

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