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April 24, 2009 12:30 PM

NCAA Approves Sand Volleyball

If you wanted to attend a NCAA Women's event, but didn't feel creepy enough at a gymnastics meet, you're in luck: the NCAA has approved women's "sand" volleyball as a new sport.
The NCAA approved "sand" volleyball as an emerging sport for women on Monday and cleared the way for varsity competition in the 2010-11 academic year. The organization will spend the next year developing rules that will govern intercollegiate play, including regulations on financial aid, playing dates and recruiting.

The sport, known on the professional and Olympic levels as beach volleyball, will be called sand volleyball to make it more attractive to landlocked schools. Many colleges — including Texas, Nebraska and Utah — already participate in informal tournaments with club teams.

Indoor volleyball is the No. 2 women's sport in the NCAA, second only to basketball, with 992 of the 1,064 member schools fielding teams.

I realize that they're calling it "sand" volleyball because not everyone has a beach to use, but why is "sand" in "quotes"? Is it not real "sand"?)

Oddly, fraternities everywhere just became very strong proponents of Title IX.

NCAA approves 'sand' volleyball as college sport - AP

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