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April 15, 2009 11:25 AM

New Reality TV - The Cooley Zone

Short of Gilbert Arenas, Chris Cooley is probably my top choice for an athlete to have any sort of reality show about him. Cooley's exploits as a foolish joker have already been chronicled.

The Redskins tight end, who already has a blog on which he posts videos frequently, has decided to take the next step, and is going to have a new webisode reality series. Here is the trailer (some NSFW language).

No surprise, the trailer makes the show look pretty awesome. Cooley is a regular guy who likes drinking beers and goofing off, only he plays professional football, has millions of dollars and a hot wife. No word on when exactly it starts, but if it is indeed real, I'm sure Cooley will let everyone know.

Thanks to Mr. Irrelevant

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