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April 29, 2009 11:50 AM

Rick Fox Might be Crazy

I hated Rick Fox when he played. HATED HIM. For starters, he played on a Lakers team I disliked already. He was a pretty boy that girls found attractive (for reasons beyond me). He was married to Vanessa Williams.

Now? Rick Fox is awesome.

As a co-host on Fox Sports West’s “Lakers Live” show, Fox has been nothing short of insane. On Monday's show, in the pre-game, Fox (wearing a zip-up hoodie) unzipped his shirt and yelled "Wolverine" for no seemingly no reason.

After the game, with the Lakers having won the series, Fox decided to celebrate. How? By wearing a purple sombrero, yelling "Orale" (by which I can only assume he meant, "Ole") and "taco." Not at all offensive.

Then he asked, "Hey, any of y'all seen a Mexican surf?" And proceeded to fake-surf.

Simply stunning.

After some criticism, Fox indicated that he might quit broadcasting on his Twitter feed, which is entertaining in of itself. Based on his Twitter, it's also pretty clear that Rick Fox is slightly sex-obsessed, from stating he was bringing 30 condoms to Uganda to, in response to criticism about his broadcasting being over the top - "Broadcasting is suppose to be stiff....if they want to broadcast from my bedroom I'll do stiff all night." Classy Rick.

I think I can speak for most of the blogging community when I say, please don't quit broadcasting Rick Fox, you are a special kind of crazy that only comes along every so often.

Mexican Surfer Rick Fox May Stop On-Air Cameos - SportsbyBrooks

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