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April 3, 2009 12:10 PM

Taking a Look at 2009 Ballpark Food

Sure, I could write something about that big ol' trade that went down in the NFL last night, about how the Bears immediately become favorites to win the NFC North, but how they sure gave up a lot for a quarterback with a 17-20 record and 37 interceptions. And wonder how long it will be before Cutler realizes he's now throwing to Brandon Lloyd and Devin Hester, and not Brandon Marshall or Eddie Royal anymore. And if he'll be able to defend his Mr. Olympia crown. Oops, sorry, got my Jay Cutler's confused. But considering ESPN and SportsCenter (and the front page of this site) are devoting roughly 50% of their efforts to this story, I'd say it's covered.

Instead, let's talk about food. Specifically, new food at baseball stadiums for the 2009 season.


Yesterday, I highlighted (via DC Sports Bog) some of the delicious beer selections that will be offered this year at Nationals Stadium. Now today, Rob Icrane over at Walkoff Walk, compiles a rundown of some the better ballpark snacks out there. It ain't just hot dogs and peanuts anymore, folks.
Citi Field's lobster rolls and clam-and-corn chowder: Well really, Citi Field is actually going to have everything your culinary heart desires, but I'd like to focus on Chef Dave Pasternack's Catch of the Day stand. Scoreboard Gourmet enjoyed the corn-and-clam chowder (one commenter wonders if he can get corn chowder without clams), but Esca's chef is also preparing a fried flounder sandwich, a lobster roll, and a grilled shrimp po'boy sandwich. Oh, and his own version of crab fries to compete with Chickie and Pete's version at CBP. The Phillies/Mets rivalry doesn't stop at baseball, folks.
Other highlights include Petco Park's bacon-wrapped hot dogs ("a spicy wiener enveloped in bacon nestled in a bun stuffed with beans, tomatoes and onions, then doused with jalapeño sauce, mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise"), a new Fenway Frank and even Dollar Menus at Great American Ball Park and Miller Park (baseball food can be recession-friendly, too).

Was it a mistake to work on this post right around lunch time? Yes, yes it was.

Stadium Food Arrives: Your Official New Concessions Omnibus

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