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April 10, 2009 11:15 AM

Things That Hurt: A Line Drive to the Head

There are two types of people that play baseball: those that are scared of being hit by the baseball, and those who are not (I was part of the former; whether it was while batting or in the field, there was the constant thought, creeping around in the back of my mind, of a baseball knocking out my front teeth). The latter group tends to be the one that goes on to success, having overcome that fear early on, or never realizing it to begin with. Chances are, since he is a Major League pitcher, Giants Joe Martinez never really had to deal with that problem. I'd be interested to see if that's still the case after this happened last nigh:

The ball was there before Martinez even knew what happened.

Equally shaken in the incident was the guy who hit the ball, Brewers outfielder Mike Cameron (who is no stranger to terrifying accidents).

Cameron, who was credited with a double, was beside himself. He grimaced, looked away and slowed while running to first base.

Cameron knelt at second base with his head in his hands while Martinez was being treated. Cameron stayed down even after Martinez left, and San Francisco players came up to console the Brewers veteran.

"You just hope that the young man is all right, that everything is good and that he's safe first and foremost," a shaken Cameron said afterward. "I just hope that he gets a chance to go back on the field again. I couldn't stop shaking. It's kind of a helpless feeling. I was just trying to pray for him because I know how dangerous that can be."

Martinez suffered a concussion, a cut to his forehead, a bloody nose and a swollen right eye, all relatively minor injuries compared to what could have been. Martinez was taken to the hospital, where they ruled out any serious injury, but kept him overnight just to be safe.

H/T: The Sporting Blog

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