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April 9, 2009 12:30 AM

Time to Turn Your Hatred Back to Duke

Before the celebration in Chapel Hill had ended following North Carolina’s win in the National Championship game, many people were already turning to next year. Who will be cutting down the nets in 2010?

The favorites have been Kansas, Michigan State, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Syracuse, among others. But they all come with disclaimers of who they think will jet for the NBA and who will stay in college for another year. Syracuse’s top five ranking is contingent on it’s floor leader coming back to lead the team.

Well, bombshell – their emotional compass is going pro. Nope, not Jonny Flynn. Syracuse’s student newspaper, The Daily Orange, is reporting that the player everyone loves to hate, Eric Devendorf, is going to declare for the NBA Draft.

I’m sure you’re first reaction is shock. Alright, and now that has settled in…time to rejoice! The chin-strapped, tattoo-covered, show-boating, non-defense playing Devendorf will be gone!

Although, he hasn’t hired an agent, and if he comes to his senses and realizes he’s not NBA-material, he could be back. And if he does come back he could possibly become the most hated man in college basketball history. He was already listed as something to hate during this year’s Tournament. Now he has the audacity to declare for the Draft when his athleticism is middle-of-the-road and his defense is non-existent?

Just because you have the requisite number of tattoos to be in the NBA doesn’t mean you can cut it there. If he follows through with this pipe dream, expect to see Devendorf pounding his chest while the player he was supposed to guard blows by him in the D-League.

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