RCS Sidelines

April 1, 2009 12:45 PM

What to Watch: Wednesday

7:30pm ET - ESPN2 - World Cup Qualifier: Trinidad & Tobago vs. USA - Read a preview from

8pm - ESPN - McDonald's All-American Game - Watch future Memphis stars DeMarcus Cousins and Xavier Henry compete. Did I say Memphis? I meant Kentucky. And watch for the next batch of Dukies you will hate: Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee.

10pm - ESPN – NBA: Rockets @ Suns - This game marks the beginning of me winning a million bucks. I just entered ESPN's Streak for the Cash and the Rockets are my first pick. You got nothin’ left Suns!

Non-sports pick - 8pm - CBS - I Get That A Lot - Celebrities pull pranks on unsuspecting people. It's like Howie Do It but with actual celebrities. It does seem pretty funny though. Take a look at this clip and try not to laugh.

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