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April 23, 2009 3:15 PM

Which NBA Team is the Most Fun?

Currently the NBA Playoffs are underway, and at the end we will know which is the NBA’s best team, but this is a blog, so actual game performance is not what we concern ourselves with here. Much more important: which NBA team is the most fun? It’s clearly a three-team race.

First, you have the Washington Wizards, who have been fun-loving goofballs for years now. You’ve got a cast of characters led by Gilbert Arenas and enough nicknames to fill a book. Then you’ve also got this:

Also making a push for the fun title, the Cleveland Cavaliers, who also happen to be good on the court. The Cavs are always entertaining each other during time outs, are known for their classic photo pose entrances, and recently released a new commercial.

The third candidate is the Phoenix Suns. When you have Shaq and Steve Nash together, likely fun will follow. First Shaq responded to the Cavs introduction pose by going bowling for teammates. Then this gem of a video hit the web.

The Suns (mostly Shaq) have also been pranking Lou Amundson and his bike for most of the season.

To which Lou finally responded by filling Shaq's SUV with packing peanuts. And recently, Steve Nash directed some of his teammates is a 70’s cop-spoof, “Superbadge.”

See the full video here (warning – not funny).

So which team is the most fun? I have a bias for my Wizards, but you judge for yourself.

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