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April 9, 2009 11:25 AM

You Stay Classy Philadelphia


Some people had wondered: maybe after Philadelphia finally broke their championship drought, the attitude in the city would change. Perhaps there would be less booing, fighting, and general jerk-like behavior as a Phillies’ World Series Championship absolved the city’s pain. Three games into the season, it's fair to say, nope, they’re still jerks.

First off, on Opening Night, as they raised the banner from their World Series win, a fight broke out amongst fans.

Then, yesterday, during the ring ceremony, instead of happily cheering for all members of the team, fans decided it was necessary to boo ex-pitcher Adam Eaton. He wasn't booed because he left the team, as Pat Burrell got a standing ovation. Yes, Eaton was by no means a star (he was left off the postseason roster), but did he really deserve to be booed? He was there to get his ring as a part of a World Series winning team. There was no need to boo anyone during what was supposed to be a celebration.

So that's two opportunities to celebrate your accomplishments from last season and behave like normal people, and instead Philadelphia opted to show the rest of America that they have no plans on changing. To keep up with their image, at their next home game, the Phillies fans plan on throwing rocks at a group of local school children.

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