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May 12, 2009 4:30 PM

Big Baby Acts Like Big Baby, Apologizes

Glen "Big Baby" Davis hit a huge, game-winning shot, ran down the court in celebration, narrowly avoided running into the referee, and accidentally bumped into a 12-year old kid. And, since he's a professional athlete, naturally, he was forced to apologize. Welcome to Sports, circa 2009.

As I said yesterday, Nicholas Provetti was probably the coolest kid at school the next day ("Did anyone else in his class get run over by an NBA player last night?"), but that wasn't enough for dad, Ernest, who felt the need to e-mail the league office, saying Davis acted like a "raging animal."

So, now, the apology.

Davis said he got emotional and didn't see the boy as he turned and ran to the Celtics bench to celebrate his 21-foot jumper that gave the Celtics a 95-94 win over the Magic on Sunday. It tied the second-round playoff series at 2-2.

"If I've hurt anybody or if I've done any harm to anybody, please forgive me because my intentions were just harmless," he said.

But, apparently the fan was no longer mad at Big Baby anyways. I guess he finally realized that he was being a bit dramatic, and making something out of nothing. Or maybe it had something to do with his Facebook page getting "flooded with angry e-mails." Or the two groups on the same site, with names "Ernest Provetti is a 'BIG BABY'" and "Ernest Provetti should lose his man card."

"In the scheme of things, I still think he shouldn't have went on the sideline, but obviously nothing is going to come of it," Provetti said. "And it's better to forget about it and not incite it anymore."

Good move, Ernest.

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