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May 6, 2009 4:25 PM

Big Daddy Drew On Brett Favre

Unfortunately, we can't link to everything on the front page of RCS. Sometimes there's just not enough room, other times, there's simply too much profanity. This is an example of the latter.

Drew Magary, better known as Big Daddy Drew, is one of the minds behind Kissing Suzy Kolber (and author of Men with Balls: The Professional Athlete's Handbook). He also happens to be a Minnesota Vikings fan. It's safe to say he's none too happy about his favorite team's interest in signing Brett Favre.

While some might be happy about the addition of a Hall of Fame quarterback, some are not. Some are very, very frustrated. And others, like Drew, are just angry.

The Vikings could have made any number of moves in recent years to give Jackson competition, or outright replace him. They had a chance to trade for Matt Schaub. They had a chance to draft any number of other QB’s. They could have traded for Jay Cutler, regardless of whether or not you found his price too exorbitant. Instead, they did nothing until trading for Sage Rosenfels earlier this year. It’s an indictment of just how unprepared Jackson is that Rosenfels, who averages one interception for every 20 [expletive] pass attempts, represents a colossal upgrade at the position.

And now, only now, after time and again [expletive] up the QB situation, does Childress feel urgently compelled to seriously upgrade the position. And how is he going about it? By making overtures to an erratic 39-year-old journeyman with half a bicep. Hey [expletive], you already have an erratic journeyman on the roster. Do we really need [expletive] multiples of them?

Tell us how you really feel.

With the constant on-again, off-again flirting that Favre has become so good at, I feel that Drew may speak for a vast majority of not just Minnesota fans, but all NFL fans.


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