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May 1, 2009 12:25 PM

Bills Might Have Figured a Way to Keep Owens Happy

When the Bills signed Terrell Owens, most of the media thought it was crazy. Well, all the media thought it was crazy, but some thought it was a bad idea. The main concern was about keeping him happy. What is he going to do when he doesn’t get his touches? Owens needs to feel involved in the offense or he’s going to cause problems in the locker room. The Bills might be taking a step to prevent this problem.

ESPN’s NFL Nation Blog is reporting that a source says the Bills are getting ready to run the no-huddle offense. To Bills fans, those are some of the greatest words in the English language. They remember the hey-day when Jim Kelly ran the no-huddle offense, nicknamed the K-Gun, that led them to four straight Super Bowls. But aside from exciting old Bills fans, this move seems to make a lot of sense, for four main reasons.

1. It’s exciting. The Bills have been one of the most boring teams in the NFL for quite some time. They have had three straight 7-9 seasons and haven’t made the playoffs since 1999. Their signal-calling has been conservative (read: boring) and it’s time to shake things up. This will definitely accomplish that.

2. It can help mask their deficiencies on the offensive line. The Bills lost Pro Bowl tackle Jason Peters, released left guard Derrick Dockery, and didn’t re-sign centers Melvin Fowler and Duke Preston. They plan to move Langston Walker from right tackle to left, and they picked up Eric Wood and Andy Levitre in the Draft, but it might take some time for this new line to jell. Last season, the Bills gave up 38 sacks, which was 10th worst in the league. The no-huddle offense picks up the pace, tires out defenses, and doesn’t allow for complex blitz packages.

3. They have the players to run it. They have explosive receivers in Owens and Lee Evans, and a capable third in Josh Reed. In order to run the no-huddle you need running backs that can catch the ball. All of their running backs – Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson, and Dominic Rhodes – can be receiving threats. They also added pass-catching TE Shawn Nelson on Draft day. The Bills haven’t had a weapon at the tight end spot for years. Most importantly, they have a smart and accurate quarterback in Trent Edwards.

4. It might keep Terrell Owens happy. If you compare the four years the Bills went to the Super Bowl (and ran the no-huddle) to the last four years, those Super Bowl teams averaged 108 more offensive plays per year. I think somewhere T.O.’s eyes just lit up.

The bottom line is that their offense has been pathetic and any change is welcomed (the Bills offense hasn’t ranked higher than 25th in the NFL in the past six years). They might not be the most talented team, but at least they will be exciting, and that’s a major step up from the past few years, when one of the most popular jerseys in Buffalo was Brian Moorman’s, their punter.

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