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May 21, 2009 1:45 PM

David Ortiz Remembers How to Hit a Home Run

It had been nearly eight months since David Ortiz last hit a regular season home run, and his 135-at-bat homerless streak had resulted in a three-day layoff in Seattle and teammate Kevin Youkilis telling reporters to quit asking him about it, saying, "Maybe talk about the weather or something." So forgive him if he was a bit excited afterward.
"I feel like I got my confidence back," Ortiz said after the game. "I feel like a real hitter, not like the punch and judy hitter I've been the first 40 games . . . swing like a man."

"I would do anything for these fans," said Big Papi. "The fans have been so supportive since I've been here. The biggest thing about the whole situation is the fans."

Even his teammates felt the release of pressure, with Jason Bay saying, "When that ball went up, there were more than a few people saying, 'Get up. Get up.' I think it was more about a teammate, a genuine caring. You know - 'Yes!' It helped everybody relax a little bit." Ortiz was so relieved, he was even enjoying the sight of Josh Beckett naked. Wait, what?
“Look at that!” David Ortiz said out of nowhere, interrupting his own answer about the swing that ended his season-long home-run drought to gesture toward the other side of the locker room. “That’s crazy!”

A dozen heads turned at once toward the direction he was pointing. What was it? Something on one of the TV screens? A highlight of the home run he’d hit into the center-field bleachers, perhaps?

“It’s (pitcher Josh) Beckett naked over there in the corner,” Ortiz said, a playful smile spreading across his face.

That is quite the slumpbuster.

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