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May 15, 2009 11:00 AM

UT Slowly Gives up on Vince Young's Pro Prospects

While most of America gave up on Vince Young early last NFL season, there was one group of people that remained convinced that he was the best quarterback in the history of football. Those people, Texas Longhorns football fans.

Vince Young is beloved in Austin. They showed Titans football game on TV because of him, and his merchandise still sells well in University bookstores. Not now, finally, it appears that even the folks at Texas have conceded that Young may never be the star in the NFL that he was in college.

At the UT University Co-op website, you can buy tons of Texas memorabilia, including several Vince Young items. Young's Texas items are still selling for outrageous prices. UT pictures of Young sell for $1,100 to $1,350 - yes, that's over $1,000 for a large photograph. But when it comes to memorabilia regarding Young and the Titans, they're having a Fire! Sale. A framed autographed Vince Young Titans photo, originally at $495, is marked down to $100. Young's photographic worth as a Titan is apparently 1/11th of his photos during his Texas days.

Framed Vince Young Autographed Titan Photo - The University Co-op

Thanks to reader James for the tip.

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