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May 11, 2009 10:55 AM

Watch Out: Here Comes Big Baby

For a couple of hours Sunday night, having a courtside seat seemed like the coolest thing ever. Sitting just a few feet from his heroes on the Orlando Magic, close enough to hear their team huddles and touch them during inbound-plays. But then Glen Davis hit the game-winning shot, and suddenly, having the best seat in the house meant you were on the tracks of the Big Baby Celebration Train.

Davis' emotions rang true again when his pure game-winner hit nothing but net. After nailing the shot, he sprinted past Orlando's bench -- and almost knocked down a teenage fan standing by his courtside seat -- ran toward his teammates and coaches at midcourt, screamed to the Magic fans and hugged his mentor Collis Temple, the first African-American to play at Louisiana State (and who took him in at 12 and "saved his life," Davis says).

After hugging Temple, Davis exclaimed: "I got 'em. I got 'em."

A teary-eyed Temple simply responded: "Great job, big guy. Great job, big guy."

While his post-shot theatrics might have seemed like a bit much, let's not forget: this is an emotional 23-year old -- his nickname IS "Big Baby" (remember, Kevin Garnett made him openly cry on the bench earlier this year). And if you want to feel sorry for the kid that Davis pushed aside, that's fine (all in all, he took it pretty well), but I bet he's the most popular kid in school today. Did anyone else in his class get run over by an NBA player last night?

And yes, there's an animated GIF. Of course there is. Does the Internet ever disappoint?

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